The start of my leather crafts

So when I first started I was looking online for a leather ukulele strap. There wasn’t anyone out there that I could fine that would make me a custom strap. They always wanted to add in their own little flair or design. I never could find someone Who would be willing to make something that is useful and is cost-effective​.

I went out to look for how to make one. Saw on YouTube how people create leather crafts,and I finally found a store called Tandy leather. With the help of some friends that gave me some leather tools and the store employees, I started off this journey into a new and exciting hobby that is turning into a lucrative business.

This journey starts off with learning the basics. I can give you a breakdown of all the little basics I learned in all of the little tricks but it’s good to be able to have someone learn on their own before asking for help. One made advice I would give to anyone trying to start off is learn from a real professional. It’s very important that you learn from someone who knows what they’re talking about and actually has done what they say to do.

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