BugsGear Review

Well this isn’t much of a review but more like a sales pitch. This is hands-down one of the best ukuleles and most versatile ukuleles on the planet. You literally can bring this anywhere and have it on you at any time without having to worry about damaging it.

Why do I like this ukulele so much? Well it’s for many reasons. Having something built out of ABS plastic allows me to bring the instrument out in the forest,the desert,  and even the ocean without having it get ruined. If something spills on it you can just wipe it off. And one of the best things about it is the sound.This is something that wants to play it you will fall in love. 

There are a ton of pros and not too many cons of this product. Here are a few pros.

– Portability. Because of the type of materials and size, this thing can go anywhere.

– Sound quality is amazing, The guy who created this product is Philip Kang. He is an acoustics engineer and built this ukulele to have the best possible sound.

– Geared and stainless tuners help this thing rock. No more worries of the tuner shifting out of tune or even having the tuners rust after and ocean day.

– Solid construction is the best and it’s only getting better. Next half of 2016 all the ukuleles will be sonic welded for a stronger and robust instrument.

-Water Proof, yeah there really isn’t anything else to say about that. 

– Great gift for kids and adults too! This is the best bang for the buck at having all the plastic ukuleles in the Bugs Gear line up under $100 you can beat that. 


– You can’t leave it in a sun baked hot car.

– Most people aren’t willing accept this as a real instrument til you have them play it.

For more information go to www.bugsgearukulele.com

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