A little bit about me…

Hello my name is Aldrin and I just wanted to give a small bit about who I am and what I do.

One of the things I noticed in this world is that we all have different traits in different talents.

I’ve worked in the outdoor industry for over a decade, taught as an outdoor adventure instructor and also worked in the e-commerce during its infancy.

I have traveled all throughout North America and Asia for rock climbing and photo journalism. And throughout this website you’ll be able to see all of the little hobbies/crafts I have picked up through my travels. Being able to learn new things and experience new cultures is what makes life worth living. Throughout my life I learned about rock climbing, leather crafts, skydiving, photography/videography, scuba diving, mountain biking, firearms industry, ukuleles and much more. To me, talents aren’t given but talents are earned throughly learning and growing. It’s built through a person with tenacity and heart.

I hope this website gives a little insight about all the different innovative products that I am introduced too and the different types of cultures and people I meet.

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