Belts, Something You Would Wear….

A belt is something that is an​ essential part of any closet. The best part about the belt is that it is like a wallet and is something that you would wear every day… if you wear pants.

 What I like about my custom belts is that it is a truly customized belt. I make them in all sizes and shapes and also the best part is that cause I can do all of the custom tooling by hand, if you want lettering, if you want a message, or even something simple like a special pattern, flower, or logo. I can do it.

One of the coolest things about what I do is that I can customize your belt to a buckle you have. If you have a custom buckle or won a buckle at a competition. I can definitely make something that could match.

 Being able to have something that is your own and that no one else has is one of the best forms of self-expression. Being able to express yourself in your own way and express your personality to show your true self is the best way to happiness.

If you have any questions about ordering just send me a message under my contact us page

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