Bread and Butter: Ukulele Straps

There are few things people ask me about but the number one thing is for me to make them an ukulele strap. This is basically where all my business comes from. Having unique designs and custom lettering is key.

This is something I really do enjoy because no matter what when I see someone put this on their ukulele it’s not just an accessory but it makes it a part of them. Every time I create something I don’t just make it, I put a lot of my heart into it. And to the buyer, it’s not just a strap, but it’s an extension of who they are and what they love.

This is what I love to do. Being able to give happiness through an object that I created with my own hands is what I think life is all about. When I create these straps, I make it to the buyer specifications and to what the buyer wants. I also do custom lettering and hand carve pretty much any two dimensional simple image you can give me. I also do custom colors and textures.

If you’re interested in having me make one for you or for friends and family as a gift, just go to my contacts page and send me a message.

Pricing is determined on the work needed.

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